Drowning in Promises

NB. This event was originally planned for the 1st February but was postponed because the scheduled council meeting that day was cancelled.

Join this action by the South Yorkshire Climate Alliance against Sheffield City council at 1pm on Monday 20th February. SYCA say:

It has been four years since Sheffield City Council declared a Climate Emergency. And yet, since that declaration on 6th February 2019, we have not seen anything like sufficient action.

Sheffield City Council has set a target to reach net-zero by 2030. And yet we don’t even have the plans to show how we will get there.

Nor are there clear plans to show how Sheffield intends to tackle the Nature Crisis which it recognised in 2021.

From the SYCA page on the petition.

The South Yorkshire Climate Alliance are handing in their petition to the first full Sheffield council meeting on the 1st of February, and have asked XR Sheffield to help organise a photo opportunity for their press release and campaign.

Please join concerned citizens outside the Sheffield Town Hall at 1pm on Monday 20th February for a quick ‘Drowning in Promises’ action. Bring your arm bands, life jackets and life belts. Make your own placards calling out the 4 years since Sheffield City Council declared a climate emergency and calling for action to be taken seriously.

This will be a quick action for a photo opportunity from 1 - 2pm.

Petition to Sheffield City Council to speed up its response to the climate emergency.

To: Sheffield City Council

It has been four years since Sheffield City Council’s declaration of a climate emergency. We have not seen sufficient action and the plans available don’t respond to the urgency of the situation.

We call on Sheffield City Council to seriously accelerate its response.

Please sign the petition


Sheffield Town Hall
Pinstone Street


23 February at 1pm - 2pm