Get Involved


There are so many ways to get involved - everyone has something to contribute and together we are stronger.

We have many different working groups so whatever your skills or particular interests there is a place for you. You really don’t need to get arrested to be part of XR! 

Current working groups include:

  • Samba Band
  • Arts and Crafts 
  • Banner Dropping
  • Flyering and Stickering
  • Internal Coordinators
  • Monday Meeting Planning Group
  • Media and Messaging
  • Stalls / Climate Hub
  • Website

If any of these interest you, drop us an email on and we’ll link you up!

We’re also always keen for new working groups so if you have an idea, let us know! (And if you have any legal experience we’re particularly keen to hear from you.)

Want to help but low on time? You can also support through making a donation.

​To receive regular updates by email, please sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of this page and you are welcome to join us at our weekly Monday meetings where there will be an induction session for new members running parallel to the main meeting.

​You can also get involved by volunteering with us, see below.

For links to national and local resources, see below.


We are facing an ecological crisis and we need your help. Our beautiful movement is built on the work of volunteers who give their time and energy to help achieve radical change. Whether you have a lot of time or only a small amount, if you would like to contribute, please contact us. The list below shows the roles we need to fill a bit more urgently but there are always lots of things you can do to support our work - a list of our working groups is on this page. Get in touch at


Talks and Training: Could you help to coordinate our regular talks and events? If you’re interested please contact

Legal WG: We now have a co-ordinator for this new group, but we need volunteers to help to run the WG to offer advice and support to arrestees or those with questions regarding legal matters, no prior experience needed.

​Fundraising WG members

​Tech Champions: Are you interested in spending some time getting to know the new platforms and suggesting the best ways for XR Sheffield to use them? Please let us know at and sign up here.

XR North Affinity Group Tech Wizard: Working with XR North to build a communications structure in collaboration with the UK AGSN and UK Tech Teams, and on-board AG coordinators and AG members into the new system. Need confident (but not expert) use of IT systems, e.g. using and manipulating spreadsheets and communications apps. Contact

Sheffield Climate Alliance would like someone with expertise in energy to join their climate jobs group. Please contact them directly or via if interested.

XRUK Self-Organising Systems National Team: contact us for more information or to get involved.


Here are some resources related to XR Sheffield and National XR.

National XR documents

XR UK Constitution

​NATIONAL XR RESOURCES - Guidance and advice for Affinity groups, working groups and more

XR SONG SHEET - To keep spirits high on actions!


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You can also get involved by liking our Facebook page, or joining our private group. We are also on Twitter, Instagram, or contact us by email.