Twelve Sheffield-based rebels were arrested and three have been charged… so far. We need your support to raise funds to cover their legal costs. Please contribute now and share this page with your friends, family and on social media.  

We are a group of 12 Extinction Rebellion Sheffield members who went down to London in April to support the International Rebellion, which helped to push the climate and ecological emergency onto the political and social agenda.

To support with our legal fees, please follow: https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/extinction-rebellion-sheffield/?fbclid=IwAR26wf1GZDslX_E_xZljcoZVl860jKiqSOajaDTiiXbUFQAlrABwr-dcFBo


In these protests, 800+ people were arrested for peaceful, non-violent direct action including ourselves. We felt that we had to take drastic action to make the government take notice of the scale of the emergency we face. Taking the risk of arrest was a massive decision for us.

Three of the twelve Sheffield-based Rebels who were arrested for peacefully blocking a road in the London Extinction Rebellion protests have been charged. The Met Police have promised to bring charges against all of the protesters who were arrested, and the City of London Magistrates Court has been booked out for 19 consecutive Fridays to process all of the cases, so we’re expecting that we’ll all be receiving charge notices soon!

How much we are raising and why…

Although some members of our group are happy and able to cover their own legal costs, others are not able to do so, and so now we are asking for your help. We are raising money to cover as much the legal costs as possible, so any money that you are able to contribute towards this would be immensely appreciated!

We estimate that costs could be up to approximately £20,000.

Any money left over from supporting this campaign will be used to support further legal costs that may be incurred by members of Extinction Rebellion Sheffield as we continue to take the direct action we feel necessary.

If you are able to help in anyway possible then we would greatly appreciate it and if not then please do share this page and spread the word.