Hundreds of Sheffield tree campaigners and anti-climate change activists have got together to send a digital “get well!” card to writer and environmentalist George Monbiot after he was forced to cancel a speaking engagement here due to a second prostate cancer-related operation.

The high-profile Guardian columnist was set to speak on the subject of climate change on Thursday evening to a large crowd at the Festival of Debate. But he is still in recovery from his latest operation last week and therefore had to withdraw.

So 130 local activists put their names to an email, along with 45 comments, telling Monbiot: " Recover rapidly George, you’re always welcome in Sheffield." The comments alone fill six pages. They were gathered together in less than 36 hours in two Facebook groups by Extinction Rebellion Sheffield.

Mina Jaff of Leeds, Northern co-ordinator for Extinction Rebellion, will replace Monbiot and speak with climate change expert George Marshall at Thursday’s session.

Monbiot is hardly a recent arrival to the climate change issue — he’s been exposing its dangers for many years— but he was also one of the first national journalists to probe the shameful Sheffield tree felling saga.

In a Guardian column in October 2017 after a visit to the city when he viewed hundreds of healthy trees that were threatened with felling by Amey and Sheffield City Council (SCC), he wrote a stinging critique of the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) scheme. This 25-year, £1.9 billion scheme has financed the widespread destruction of our local environmental heritage. The Spanish-owned contractor, Amey, is itself for sale.

Such PFI schemes are “a gigantic self-serving con”, wrote Monbiot, in exposing how “the public sector has become the guardian of private sector interests” under these expensive financial deals.

Some have pointed out the links between the two issues that Monbiot has written about.

“After needlessly cutting down thousands of our trees, SCC are being hypocrites to suddenly claim we face a climate emergency,” said retiring Lord Mayor Magid Magid and Green Party councillor Alison Teal in a joint statement issued last night to Extinction Rebellion Sheffield. “Mature canopy trees are one of many defences against global warming.”

There were many heart-felt comments sent to Monbiot in the lengthy e-mail.

“Get well soon George. We love you and this dear world needs you!”

“Structurally sound.”

“A proper journalist and someone who is unafraid to attack the deeper more uncomfortable systemic issues like free market capitalism which directly contribute to our environmental destruction.”

“You are an inspiration and I continue to share your words with my university students every chance I get.”

“Stay strong, the world needs voices like yours,” wrote a woman who was one of the organisers of Sunday’s very well-attended “Parents Rise Up” march against climate change held in the city centre on Sunday.

“It’s great to see people out there who recognise that all of these local problems are part of the bigger issue,” wrote one tree campaigner who was arrested in 2017.

“Thanks for your support here in Sheffield.”

“Get better soon, the environment need your help.”

“The Kafkaesque nightmare of intransigence you penned [ in October 2017 ] has been broken by steadfast citizens who stood, clung and shouted…Every day now we are observing the results as trees once impossible to retain are given more life by simple stone masonry,” wrote Paul Brooke, chair of the Sheffield Tree Action Groups.

In coming days and weeks, we promise that Extinction Rebellion Sheffield will be seen and heard from more and more as well.

George Monbiot’s most recent article on climate change from April 2019

(https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/apr/25/capitalism-economic-system-survival-earth )

His October 2017 article on Sheffield trees and PFI’s’: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/oct/24/sheffield-state-corporate-power-subvert-democracy-pfi


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